Food Truck Catering

Outlaw-Food-TruckOutlaw Food Truck is one of the most popular of New Braunfels. If you want to create a unique catering experience for your guests, this is for you. We bring our truck out to wherever you are to provide you with a fun and delicious culinary experience. We love doing this and our guests love it too.

We try to accommodate whatever your needs may be for your event. The two most common scenarios are as follows:

 A. If we are catering with the food truck (you or your group is paying for food for your guests), menu items and costs will be discussed and listed in the agreement. This will be what your deposit and payment will be based on.

B. If we are coming to your event to provide a food option to your guests or patrons (guests and patrons will be ordering and paying for their food from the truck), we charge a truck rental rate of $175 per hour. *this rate includes mileage to events within 30 miles of our central New Braunfels commissary; extra mileage is charged at $3/extra mile (round trip).

 A 15% service fee will be charged for both options. Service fee does not constitute gratuity for service staff.

A fully executed copy of the agreement, along with a 50% deposit must be returned in order to secure a reservation for this event with the caterer. The remaining balance is due prior to parking the truck at your event. This deposit is only refundable under the terms below:

30 days prior to event – full refund of deposit

15 – 29 days prior to event – ½ of the deposit will be returned

4 – 14 days prior to the event – caterer will retain the full deposit

3 days or less prior to the event, the full amount of the event will be retained by caterer